Used Cranes


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We specialise in the supply of crane trucks and truck mounted cranes. We match the crane of your choice to the truck of your choice. We can supply the crane or the truck or both. We also specialise in other used lifting equipment eg Telehandlers. We also do crane repairs and servicing.
We can also source and supply  rough terrain cranes, crawler cranes and other lifting equipment.
All our used cranes come with a minimum structural set out below:
  • loader crane (also called a knuckle-boom crane or articulating crane) is a hydraulically powered articulated arm fitted to a truck or trailer, and is used for loading/unloading the vehicle. The numerous jointed sections can be folded into a small space when the crane is not in use. One or more of the sections may be telescopic. Often the crane will have a degree of automation and be able to unload or stow itself without an operator's instruction. In the UK and Canada, this type of crane is often known colloquially as a "Hiab", partly because this manufacturer invented the loader crane and was first into the UK market, and partly because the distinctive name was displayed prominently on the boom arm
  • Warranty - 6 month warranty on all structural components i.e booms, column and base. A 3 month warranty will cover all other components excluding consumables such as seals, hoses etc....Warranty subject to the unit being serviced by our workshop every month and customer carrying out daily maintenance and operating procedures.
  • All cranes can be fitted by us at an approximate cost of R70 000.00 ex vat (depending on the size) and an LMI certificate can be issued.